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Complex People

The worst is people with inferiority complexes.They become unnessarily vulnerable and consider everything an insult to themselves.Such people should be avoided as much as possible.

Deleting People From Life

Up to that point,the most painful experiences are experienced and then anyone who doesn't care about the person is easily removed.

Daily Life Theories

Somehow it happens when you are very afraid of something,in psychology,this is called self-fulfilling probhecy.It happens because our behavior in our subconscious.

Marie Curie

'Nothing in life is to be feared.İt is only to be understood.' Born in Warsaw on November 7,1867,she is a French chemist of polish descent.She first received a join Nobel Prize in 1903 for her work on radioactivity with her husband.

Things That Tire The Person

I think one of the most tiring things is to expect understanding from someone who does not understand.Because no matter what you do, if someone does not want to understand you,there is no solution.


The phobia is the fear of falling in love.Philophobic people feel anxious and fearful when they meet someone new.Because of their bad past experiences,thinking that they will suffer again if they feel there is a possibility that they might like that person.

Someone Who Does Everything Alone

Believes only in herself and cecames fearless.They can be a little lonely at the same time.At least they won't be dissapointed when they set out,as their starting point is themselves.

Reactions To A Beatiful Girl

Most people try to be polite.Some people act differently to make themselves look better.But a girl who is aware of her beauty doesn't really believe in any reaction.

The Most Repulsive Human Type

A person who is unnecesesarily critical and self-confident.Usually this type of people.They admire themselves very much,but they look pretty bad on the outside.

To Be Right

It can give people pride, but most of the time it does not work.Generally,people are left alone with their righteousness.