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Edge Of Tomorrow

The movie I just watched. It's a fun movie, except for some editing mistakes. It is not possible to understand how they leave these editing mistakes unconsolidated in the script of a movie worth hundreds of millions of dollars. These are simple but fundamental nonsense as not having someone who plays chess check the chess scenes that are used in movies. Most viewers won't notice, but they spent hundreds of millions of dollars. It's a really watchable movie when you ignore the mistakes.

John Mcafee

“ If I suicide myself, I didn't. I was whackd. Check my right arm.” After seeing this tweet, I wasn't too sure he committed suicide. I don't know if the man was paranoid or really thought he was going to be killed. There are always such suspicious deaths. Especially the deaths of well-known people who make comments on certain issues are always suspicious and there are still unsolved ones. Theories are popping up, but no one really knows what happened.

Is A Vacation Necessary

Vacation is absolutely necessary. It is necessary to get away from the intensity, stress, and tiredness and to listen to oneself a little. My understanding of vacation is not to have to do anything. If I have to do something or have any responsibility, it doesn't feel like a vacation to me. If I can act completely of my own free will, if I just do what I want, it will be a vacation for me.

Go To The Movies Alone

I've never been to a movie alone before. But I envy those who go alone. Because they seem like overconfident and self-loving people to me. I think it's great to be able to do things alone. I would like to go to the movies alone. I think I'd have more fun watching the movie alone. When someone is with me, I always want to comment on the movie. Of course, it's not true at all, but that's how it is.

Inability To Belong To Anything

I never felt like I belonged anywhere or anything. I couldn't claim any place I've been to. I never said, "this is my home". I don't know why, but people want to feel like they belong somewhere. I've been living as a nomad for the last 6 years and it's already impossible for me to feel like I belong somewhere. So where I belong is where my loved ones are.

Crazy Things To Do Today

The only crazy thing I did today was going out. I had a lot of work at home and had to do homework. I went out in 40 degrees to have a coffee in between all my work. Actually, I only walked for 15 minutes on the way, but even then I was dark as if I had sunbathed. That was the craziest thing I've done lately. Even these things seem like adventures because of the covid.

George Floyd Case

“Justice is essential for the good of society. Society can live without good, but it cannot live without justice.” When I first read this sentence, I was not so impressed. But after the recent bad events, I realized how important justice is, with everyone mobilizing to punish the wrongdoers. Justice is necessary for all. Evil should not go unpunished. I am relieved that George Floyd's murderer received the proper punishment.

Us Department Of Defense Ufo Report

According to the published report, pilots have reported seeing UFOs a total of many times in recent years. However, information about only one of them was obtained. It is stated that other objects, for which detailed information cannot be obtained, "maybe from extraterrestrials." The Pentagon created the Unidentified Aerial Phenomena Task Force in August last year, asking it to review incoming reports.

Collapsed Building In Miami

While the number of people who lost their lives as a result of the partial collapse of a 13-storey building in the Surfside region of Miami, Florida, USA, increased to 11, there is still no news of 150 people thought to be under the rubble. A very sad event indeed. I hope those who weren't found are found safe and sound.

The Girl Who Comes To Work As If She Is Going To A Fashion Show

They are doing their best. They should do as they feel happy. Working is already stressful and social life is also stressful. I think it's perfectly normal for people to do things that make them happy, put on make-up to feel good, and take care of their clothes. Unhappy people who lack the joy of life may be offended or envious of it. But there is nothing to criticize about it. Let's not criticize everything women do anymore, please!