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The Ascension Of The Blessed

The Ascension of the Blessed (Dutch: Aufstieg der Seligen) is a painting by Hieronymus Bosch, a Dutch painter of the early Renaissance period. It was made with oil painting technique on a wooden background. Although the exact date of the painting is not known, since Bosch did not date the tables, it is estimated that it was made sometime after 1490. Today it is preserved in Palazzo Ducale in Venice.

Infinite Monkey Theorem

The infinite monkey theorem is the mathematical theorem that suggests that a monkey pressing the keys of a typewriter indiscriminately for an infinite period of time can write a given text (for example, all of William Shakespeare's works) with almost certainty. In this context, the phrase "almost certain" is a mathematical term, and "ape" refers to an abstract apparatus that produces a string of random letters forever rather than a real monkey. The Theorem draws attention to the risks of reasoning about infinity by imagining a very large but finite number. The probability that a monkey could write a work like Shakespeare's Hamlet in exactly the same way is so small that the chances of this happening in a time on the scale of the age of the universe are negligible, but not zero.

Education In The Uk

While education in the UK, education in the UK countries is an internal affair of every country, the UK's education system is directly guided by the UK Department of Education and Business, Innovation and Skills. The local government is responsible for the implementation of the policy by public schools and state-funded schools. The education system in the country is divided into certain stages by age: basic education (3-5 years old), primary education (5-11 years old), secondary education (11-18 years old) and higher education (+18 years old). From the age of 16, students go through a process known as the "sixth form" or "collage", which prepares them for the A-level graduation qualification. The UK also has a tradition of independent school and kindergarten; Parents decide by themselves which method to educate their child. Higher education generally starts with a three-year undergraduate education. Postgraduate stages are master and doctorate.

Hole Claim

The hole claim is a clear dilemma that, in general relativity, interrupted Einsten in developing his famous field formula. Some philosophers of physics have used the aforementioned hole claim to create a question mark about the principle of multi-layered materialism, the multilayered nature of events in the space-time continuum independent of the material it contains. Other philosophers and physicists disagree with this observation and characterize the hole claim as a confusion of invariance and stability in measurement.

Kooteny National Park

Kootenay National Park is a national park located in the Rocky Mountains in Canada. The park is located within the borders of British Columbia and includes the Kootenay and Park ridges of the Canadian Rocky Mountains and the Kootenay and Vermillion rivers. The national parks of Kootenay, Jasper, Yoho and Banff and Hamber State Park, three state parks in British Columbia, Assiniboine State Park and Robson Mountain State Park, together with the Canadian Rocky Mountains National Park, are included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Deep Intoxication

Depth intoxication (also known as nitrogen narcosis, inert gas narcosis, nitrogen narcosis, or Martini effect) is a reversible disturbance of consciousness that occurs when scuba diving at depth. It is similar to alcohol poisoning or nitrous oxide inhalation. It can also occur on shallow dives, but it usually doesn't become noticeable until you go deeper than 30 meters.

Nefertitis Prophecy

Neferti's Prophecy is the modern name given to an important work of Ancient Egyptian literature. The text, which is thought to have emerged during the period of Amenemhat I (12th dynasty) of Pharaoh, was written to legitimize the rule of Amenemhat I, who was on the throne at that time, with the transfer of an ancient prophecy.

Spice Road

The Spice Road was one of the trade routes connecting the Far East to the West in ancient times. Spice was used in Eastern countries thousands of years ago. In medieval Europe, it became a very important trade product when it entered the dining table of the nobility, but only the wealthy could buy it because it was expensive. In fact, the Chinese had started the spice trade based on the sale of cinnamon, cardamom, ginger and turmeric before Mîlat.


Electrostatics is a science that studies static or very slow moving electric charges. It has been known since ancient times that some substances such as amber attract some light substances after rubbing. The Greek amber (amber, electron) is the source of the word electricity. Electrostatic; It arises from the application of force to each other of electric charges, and is studied by Coulomb's law and Gauss's law. Although the electrostatically generated force is considered weak, the electrostatic force between the electron and the proton in the hydrogen atom is 40 times the mass-gravitational force.

Santa Monica College

Santa Monica College is a two-year university in the United States. The school is located near the city of Los Angeles, California; It is located in Santa Monica city. Santa Monica College was founded in 1929 as Santa Monica Junior College. Currently, 32,000 students are studying in 90 different fields. The school also has the most foreign students in the USA (with 3000 students from 100 countries). Santa Monica College is the school that transfers the most students to the University of Southern California in California and is one of the schools that transfers the most students to the University of Southern California. Among the transferred fields are business, journalism, fine arts, etc. There are departments. The school also offers special undergraduate programs to prepare for professions. These include accounting, fashion design, IT, art design, etc. There are professions.