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Placebo Effect

Substances that look like real drugs but are not real drugs are called placebos. A placebo is a suggestion-based drug that makes us feel good and pleasing, but has no effect. A placebo cures their distress because people think the drug will have a positive effect on them. Likewise, it is a method directly related to the subconscious.

Famadihana The Tradition Of Dancing With The Dead

In the Malagasi tribe, dead bodies are danced at funerals as part of the Famadihana culture. When they come to the place where their ancestors' bodies will be buried, their dead bodies are dressed in new clothes and danced around the tomb to the accompaniment of music. They haven't been as close as they used to be lately, but I think it's a pretty creepy tradition.

Red Ink South Korea

When we look at the history and traditions of the country, red ink has always been used to write the names of the dead. That's why it's almost taboo to write someone's name in red even today. I guess after this information I will never be able to write anyone's name in a red again.

La Tomatina Spain

The biggest tomato fight in the world, La Tomatina is an interesting tradition common among Valencians. In fact, while one side of me is looking at the entertainment part, on the other hand, I condemn the irresponsible consumption of natural foods and the use of them for entertainment. After a few years, maybe finding the tomato will be a luxury for us. Who knows, maybe there will be a famine. Of course, I know the entertainment aspect, but I think we should be more conscious when the world is in a bad enough place already.

Graves Of Cleopatra And Her Lover Antony Still Not Found

Despite numerous false claims that it is close to being found, no one has any idea where one of the most iconic women in human history is buried. In fact, Cleopatra is not the only one that remains a mystery to archaeologists, and the whereabouts of iconic historical figures such as Mozart and Genghis Khan are unknown.


The movie is a movie adaptation of Joseph Finder's book called Paranoia. I was extremely impressed when I read the book. So was the movie. The story begins when 26-year-old Adam Cassidy complains about his job. However, the matter is not that simple. Everything changes in an instant when our protagonist makes the biggest mistake of his life. It is recommended to watch.

Henry Cavill

It may be one of the best creatures on earth to evolve. Every time I watch Henry Cavill in a TV series or movie, the mood of that show changes. Not only because he has a handsome face, of course, but also because of his successful acting performances, he is officially a perfect actor and Superman!

The Most Amazing Combination Of Food And Drink

I think the best combinations ever might be chips and coke. It could also be the core and cola. After all, I think Coke can be a great combination with pizza, as it goes well with everything. I really think that although Coke is so harmful, it could not be compatible with everything.

The Man Who Claims To Come From The Year 3036

Judging by the year he has chosen to come, there may be statements of the person who are not very reliable. Will I go back to 2021 when I will have the chance and the power to time travel? It's kind of silly. In the videos he published on his Tiktok account, He claimed that the world population will reach record levels in 3036 and that animals such as cats, dogs and birds will be considered 'exotic'.

Places With Toilets That Are Never Clean

It's not the fault of these places. Shame on people who don't have toilet etiquette. In this context, it is necessary to criticize not the places but the people of that place, that is, the people of our own country. However, my general observations are that the oil and restroom toilets are always very bad.