Everyone is against the dog-eating festival except the Chinese. Because we have dogs in our homes and on our streets and we love them like our children. Dogs also love us, sometimes they save us and sometimes they protect us. I do not think that such a festival is any different from a massacre.

The Chinese have a different eating habit to the rest of the world due to the famines they have experienced throughout history. The part of eating dogs in this diet reveals the hypocrisy of people. Let's start with a classic question, what is the difference between a dog and a calf? The answer is obvious: dogs are close to humans, they are domesticated, we have lived together for thousands of years, they seem to be intelligent. I don't know if you've ever wondered and researched more of the stories you've been told, but for example, pigs are just as social and intelligent as dogs, they can be trained. You have to learn before you criticize such things.

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