We were talking about this with friends the other day. Most of them said yes, I would date myself, even get married. then I thought, I told myself no, I wouldn't be with you. I do not look at this issue with the options of narcissism or self-love. You know, there is a saying that if you don't love yourself, you won't let anyone love you. I also agree with that statement, but I think the question of would you be with yourself is more about expectations from the relationship. I'm thinking now, what should I do with a man just like me? I like different interests because in that relationship, the person learns a lot from the other person. There are lots of things to share. There are a lot of things to confuse. If I were with myself, we would sleep and lie down all the time. We become pimps of joy. We always walk around like a high mind just to say nothing but forget it. once, nobody gets up and cooks. so it would be very boring. conclusion: I would not fall in love with myself, I would not date myself but I love myself, I kiss on my cheeks.

Judging by the appearance, I probably wouldn't have fallen in love with myself. But if we look at personality traits, I would fall in love with myself. I think I am a caring, understanding, and loving person. I would like to add that I am a harmonious person and a good listener. I guess being friends with me is a better option than falling in love with me.

I would probably have love with myself. Because I have all the qualities that I am looking for in a person. Maybe that sounds high in terms of egoism, but I guess if I were the opposite sex to have a conversation with me, I would be impressed by my affection alone. Probably I had already fallen in love with myself. If it is a person who attaches particular importance to intelligence, I think I would definitely fall in love with myself.

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