It's what I always do. 2-3 years go by and I forget the series I watched except for certain things. I get the same pleasure I get while watching that series on my second watch. That's why watching a series twice and at least knowing more or less what I'm watching gives me peace of mind. I am happy to watch something that I am sure I will love.

necessary in some series, for example, the performances and characters of Mark Duplass in The Morning Show, Al Pacino in Hunters, and Methew Macfadyen in Succession are connected with the season finale. After watching the season finale and returning to their characters and acting, the enjoyment of the series increases. In experimental series such as Too old to die young, they become strangely fluent in the second viewing, while in very well-scripted and detailed bombarded series such as breaking bad, they become 100 times more impressive and epic at the second viewing.

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