To Graduate

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Our first entrance to university is when we are in the last stages of our adolescence. We don't know ourselves yet, we don't know what we want. We see many different lives at university and we know many different people. University is a completely different world full of opportunities. Until we graduate, we decide what we want, become the person we want to be, and chart our own path. University life has given me a lot. I am grateful.

My university life went exactly as I wanted, neither too much nor too little did not end exactly as I planned. From the first time I entered the faculty until the moment I didn't know it was my last exit, everything was as I wanted. I haven't been reading much since then. When I wrote it like that, it felt like I had an extremely happy and fun time, but that was not what I wanted. I started college with a terrible mood, the effects of trauma. But when I finished, I was pretty confident and very good. Now I have officially found my own self and I am progressing on that path with determination.

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