Actually, there are many things I do to relax. For example, taking a shower is very simple and very relaxing. Cooking is also relaxing. Finally, my favorite relaxing thing is cleaning. I feel very good and relax while cleaning. Normally people don't like to clean but I do the dishes or clean especially when I want to relax. I even cry when I clean when I'm sad. Am I so weird?

Dealing with the garden for sure. It's a very relaxing feeling. If you are working really hard, it is very, very relaxing. It is very, very comforting to see that tree bear fruit after sweating like this, to see a beetle crawling on that tree, to see someone go and pick fruit from that tree. You take a step towards them, they come running to you. Of course, every person is relieved when he receives the fruits of his labor, but this is a very different situation. You need to connect with the trees, they can't speak, but you can understand when you really look. Especially after bringing a sapling together with the soil and giving life water, one becomes like cotton.

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