I guess bitcoin won't be able to recover easily. At one point, it got so high that I thought the order was changing and we had to keep up. Now I think I should stay away from all kinds of coins. Although I am open and hungry for innovations, taking risks is not for me. I can consider buying bitcoin when I believe it will be completely risk-free and profitable.

As I wrote before, I can say that this market will not recover for a long time. Well, unless apple and amazon say they will no longer use usd, they will do all their sales in crypto. That's why I've been in a short position since the 40k levels. First of all, I never take a long position in this market. As a matter of fact, I've been making shorts for a while. Now let's come to the stop traders. In general, do not open a position without a stop, if you do not put a stop, you will burn. but when you look at the graph, you will see that the stops explode by constantly throwing needles. For this reason, I never open a position with a stop.

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