I think one of the best traditions I've heard is a Swedish tradition. Swedes love their country and believe that within its borders all residents are equal and must live according to Swedish cultural laws. Swedes, the second largest coffee consuming country in the world, consume an average of 3.2 cups of coffee per day. The most common way of socializing in Sweden is a coffee break culture called fika, where you meet with coffee and cake. The word fika comes from a rearrangement of the old Swedish word for coffee, "kaffi". Isn't this tradition so sweet?

As a Scandinavian fan, if you ask Swedes to describe Sweden in one word, “lagom” might be the word you will hear the most. A Swedish term that cannot be explained in one word, this word means "sufficiently enough" or "enough for all". Lagom is about having neither too much nor too little, being able to offer enough for everyone at the table, doing everything in moderation and fairness, and it shows Sweden's value for equality. So, as long as you take care to follow the lagom tradition while you are in Sweden, you can be sure that you will have a great fit.

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