Styracosaurus (spiny lizard or spotted lizard) is a herbivorous dinosaur that lived 76-73 million years ago in today's North America-Monata and Canada-Alberta (prehistoric island of Laramidia) 76-73 million years ago. It occupied a prominent position in the plains of present-day Alberta (Canada), which resembles a knight in armor. The fact that a large number of individuals of these rhino-sized herbivores have been identified in the same bone beds indicates that they roamed in herds. The frills and horns of Styracosaurus were an important feature of sexual selection and therefore evolutionarily. An adult styracosaurus had a weight of 1.7 tons and a length of 5-6 meters. It was a smaller ceratopsid dinosaur than the triceratops, one of the largest ceratopsids. It was named Styracosaurus albertensis by Lambe in 1913. Its main food was ferns, cycads and palms. with its beak and incisors he could eat hard parts of the plant.