I really get annoyed with so-called feminist people. Feminism does not advocate for a particular gender, it advocates equality. The majority of those who want equality are women, because in many places, especially in the Middle East, women's rights are less important than men's rights. This being the case, the contented and privileged segment does not advocate feminism. In addition to these, the existence of so-called feminists causes feminism to be misrepresented. Those who think "men must die" are not feminists! Those who want justice and equality for all are feminists.

Some of the girls practice the so-called principles of feminism. Especially the girls who broke up with their lover and were subjected to psychological violence from that man immediately take on strong women's attitudes and offer some advice to their surroundings. These people are so-called feminists because femininity means equality anyway. And surely the so-called feminists are the kind of people who immediately become their slaves when they make love to themselves.

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