There are many misconceptions about schizophrenia. Schizophrenia is a brain disease. Although the reason is not known exactly, it is known to be related to chemical, structural changes, and genes in the brain. It can also occur after prolonged stress and intense sadness. It usually starts between the ages of 15-25, but it is also possible to start in middle age. The earlier the disease begins, the greater the negative impact on personality, and the less chance of a normal life. Schizophrenics rarely harm others, this usually happens during a seizure, and a schizophrenic patient whose treatment is started is less likely to harm you than all the "normal" people around you. Almost every schizophrenic patient receiving treatment can continue their normal life and do the daily work that we all do.

Many people describe people with schizophrenia as crazy. However, those people also live and behave just like normal people. It is true that they harm their environment if not properly guided and treated. However, I think it is very cruel to exclude those people from society. We must be more careful.

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