The Révay family is a noble family of Hungarian origin that owns many estates in the Kingdom of Hungary. The Révay family has been known since the 13th century. The first known ancestor of the family was Comes Jakab (Count Jakab) in the early 13th century. The family's main estates were in the Sirem area until the Ottoman occupation of southern Hungary. The family was promoted to Baron in 1556 and 1635, and Count on June 17, 1723. Ferdinand I donated Mošovce to the Révay family in 1534. The last member of the family residing in Mošovce was Count Ferenc Révay. Today the family's grandchildren live in Trnava, Bratislava, Austria Graz and Hungary. The last letter of the name is sometimes used as "i" instead of "y" in some print versions. The reason for this problem is the modernization issue in the Kingdom of Hungary in the late 19th century.