There are many reasons for unhappiness in the modern age. I think the most important reason is to try to keep up. No matter what we do, the thought that we are always behind making us tired and causes us to be unhappy. Another important reason is our effort to make ourselves accepted. People have a hard time accepting differences. He cannot accept those who like things different from themselves and are interested in different fields. This causes a certain group to feel excluded.

People are trying to escape from themselves. When they look for happiness in others, they naturally cannot find it. In my opinion, nothing can make a person happy unless he is happy with himself. So first of all, love yourself, try to find what makes you happy. It's very easy to be unhappy. Especially getting away from nature, sitting in stone buildings, not touching the ground, forgetting a simple life make a person unhappy, and being aware of this and trying to mix with nature even a little saves the situation.

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