According to Buddhist teaching, consciousness in development (Pali: samvattanika-viññana) or stream of consciousness (Pali: viññana-sotam, Sanskrit: vijñāna-srotām, vijñāna-santāna, or citta-santāna) of death (the dissolution of clusters) at the emergence of a new One of the main factors comes in. With the end of one personality another comes; This is like burning a new candle with the flame of a dying candle. The reborn consciousness is neither identical nor completely different with consciousness that has died; However, one can speak of a causal continuity or flow. This migration is the result of karma (kamma) or voluntary action. According to Buddhism, the main cause of dependence on consciousness is ignorance (Pali: avijja, Sanskrit: avidya): when ignorance is removed, rebirth will also cease.