It amazes me that there are so many people who are against political correctness. Why should we talk hurtfully, badly, when we can say something more accurately and better? Why should we despise those who talk like that? I think this could change many people's lives. Instead of saying insulting things to people who are excluded, whom they cannot fit into a certain mold, it is not terrible to say a nice word that describes them.

There are those who despise efforts to purge language of discriminatory expressions using the concept of "political correctness". aside from the fact that this is not something to be condescended to, what is our purpose according to those who make this contempt? pretending to be clever? Trying to look different? being elitist? Satisfy our desire to correct? Do they not realize that the strongest factor in the transmission of discrimination from generation to generation is language and that discrimination lies at the root of most of the rights abuses?

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