Benedikt of Nursi (Latin: Benedictus Nursinus, d. 480 d. 547) or Saint Benedict according to Christians. Norcia is a religious man who lived in Italy and is considered a saint according to both the Orthodox and Catholic sects. He is the person who started the monastic culture and monk life in Western Christianity. He is the founder of the Benedictine sect. The living principles of Nursian Benedict are referred to by the Benedictine monks as the Rules of St. Benedict (Regula Benedicti) and are applied as a guide in daily life. The Cistercians and Trappists, who still exist, live by the rules of St. Benedict. Nursian Benedikt was elevated to the rank of "Saint" in 1220. Pope VI in 1964. He was declared the patron saint of Europe by Paul, and later his name was used in the names of the popes.