Europe means the side where the sun sets. I never thought before. I honestly thought it was a meaningless word. But I must say that I am quite impressed with its meaning. The story of the word is also very beautiful. I highly recommend it, especially for mythology lovers. I hope one day I can go to ''the side where the sun sets".

Europe, which means 'the side where the sun sets' in Semitic languages, first takes its name from the Phoenicians and is referred to as Europa to the Greeks. In Greek mythology, Europa is the beautiful daughter of the Phoenician King Agenar. Falling in love with the princess, Zeus gains Europa's trust in the appearance of a white bull and smuggles her to Crete on bull's back. Zeus had three children, Minos, Sarppedon, and Rhadamnthys, and the countries in the west of the Aegean Sea were called Europa.

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