Loki God

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Loki is the god of evil and deceit in Norse mythology. It is known for having a complex character. We can understand from many of his legends that he did not do the evil he did just to be evil. Loki may be more like a spoiled child; The situations he causes are sometimes to save himself, and sometimes just to cause chaos. In some stories, he is also the one who saves the gods. In these aspects, it's not very appropriate for Loki to be exactly the pure epitome of evil.

God of evil and cunning in Norse mythology. Some depictions have horns. It also has the ability to shapeshift. From his marriage to Angrboda, Loki has children named Jormungandr, Fenrir (Fenris), and Hel. Loki can also change genders. I don't know why, but he is a god that I love very much in mythology.

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