Judaism (Hebrew: יהדות, romanized: Yehadut; Yiddish: יידישקייט, Yiddishkeit; Ladino: ג'גיסמו, Djudaismo) is an ethnic religion that includes the collective belief, culture, legal rules, and civilization of the Jewish nation. Besides being the first Abrahamic religion, Judaism, which is among the oldest religions in human history, is the first example of monotheism-based religions. Judaism is interpreted by obedient Jews as 'an expression of Avraham's contract with YHVH'. Including its extensive texts and practices, various theological positions and forms of organization, Judaism is not only a Hebrew philosophical view but also a worldview. The Torah is part of the Tanah and is part of a supplementary oral tradition represented along with secondary texts such as the Midrash and Talmud. With a total of 14 to 15 million followers worldwide, Judaism is the tenth largest religion.