Jason Grace is a fictional character and one of the heroes of Rick Riordan's Olympian Heroes series. Jason, who first appears in the lost hero, the first book of Heroes of Olympus, published as a sequel to the Percy Jackson and Olympians series written by Rick Riordan, thinks he does not belong to the hybrid camp. In fact, she belongs to another camp and only remembers her own older sister Thalia, as she lost her memory. Piper Mclean thought he was having an affair because of Sis when they first met Jason, but they had never met before. Later on, Jason also likes him and they start dating in the third book. Jason, the son of Zeus, also has the ability to fly (control the weather). He landed his first mission with Piper and Leo in the hybrid camp. In fact, he went on many missions and gained experience in Jupiter Camp where he belonged. In the second book, Jason Grace's Roman child of Zeus, Thalia, is the Greek child. But since it is not right for a god to have two different children (Greek and Roman) from the same family, when Jason was 2 years old, his mother left him with the wolf god. Juno (Hera) took him from the wolf god and sent him to the hybrid camp (Greek camp), but before Jason went to the hybrid camp, the 12th legion judge in the Jupiter camp (Roman camp) and the legion that was the cursed legion would save the 5. would be lost.