Actually, life is not difficult, life is made difficult. Sometimes I think how much easier life would be without the ridiculous ideologies imposed on us. Think about it, patriarchy is not something that is innate in us. Or love is not something that recognizes language, religion, or race. They are taught to us, imposed on us, and we live according to this order. So people are not bad, life is not difficult. It is shown to us as if life is hard as if it should be. People are portrayed as bad and incorrigible.

Life is not hard. We have ruined this place up for years of nonsense and lies that have been taught and imposed on us. Just try to live righteously for one month and you'll see what I mean This is a deliberate system work. prejudices imposed for many years, the so-called patriarchal culture, etc. Everything you listen to, watch, read, eat, drink is something that has been deliberately given to you, to me. Does this place change now? I do not think so.

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