Florida is one of the states of the USA. It covers an area of 140,098 km². The southern part of Florida is generally covered with plains, the central and northern parts are hilly. While the Atlantic Ocean portion of the Florida coast stretches over an area of 933 km, the coastal part of the Gulf of Mexico is 1,239 km. St. John's, Apalachicola, and Suwannee are Florida's major rivers. Tallahassee is the capital city of Florida. Jacksonville, Miami, Tampa, Hialeah, and Orlando are the most populous cities in the state. More than 13 million people live in Florida. The Apollo 11 spaceship, which carried a human on the Moon for the first time, was launched from the Cape Canaveral base in Florida in 1969. 1971 Walt Disney World was opened in Disneyland, close to Orlando.