One of the most positive aspects of going to an English language course in Ireland is the work permit. In an English language course, you will not see anything very different from what you will see in every country. So it is not correct to say that one course is much better than the other. English is not a language that changes from person to person. But practice is more effective than courses. I think it's also best to work in a job that forces you to practice. That's why I think it's wiser to go to an English language course in Ireland, where you will have a work permit.

Ireland is a beautiful country both with its nature and its people. If you ask me, your English will not improve much with these types of courses. useful in this respect. you will also meet new people, this place is also useful. especially if you find a course with lots of activities, you will have a lot of fun and travel. If you have the time and money, give it a try.

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