Eli Filip Heckscher (b. 24 November 1879, Stockholm - d. 23 December 1952, Stockholm) Swedish political economist and economic historian. He was born to a prominent Jewish family in Stockholm, the son of Danish-born businessman Isidor Heckscher and his wife, Rosa Meyer. He completed his secondary education here in 1897. He studied at the University of Uppsala and the University of Gothenburg, and received his doctorate in Uppsala in 1907. From 1909 to 1929 he was Professor of Political Economy and Statistics at the Stockholm School of Economics. From 1929 he directed his research to the history of economics and in 1945 he retired from the chair of economic history. According to a bibliography published in 1950, Heckscher is the author of 1148 books and articles translated into many languages, including Mercantilism and Sweden's Economic History. Heckscher is known for his model explaining international trade, which he developed with Bertil Ohlin.