There is no one to tell the gossip of the day, other than mirrors. You just see yourself in that mirror. you always have to cook the meals. so the dishes always kiss their hands. There is no one but himself to be angry because he did not pay the bills. television becomes the only solution to silence. Even if you don't watch it, it stays open. Even if it is not like it will come on the walls, it will bore you when it is too thick at home.

I don't think living alone has many disadvantages. I think every individual should live alone at some point in his life. This is the best way for individuals to learn to take care of themselves. Of course, there are difficulties, but the difficulty is also part of this process.

One of the disadvantages of living alone is that there is no one else when we get sick. Other than that, it can be an excellent feeling. This is definitely one of my biggest dreams in the future. It can also be sad that while living alone, there is no one to share only his happiness and sadness. Apart from these, I think it is a perfect experience!

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