Delaware ranks 49th among the 50 states in the USA, with an area of ​​5,294 km². The state was established on the Delmerva peninsula in the region between the Atlantic Ocean and the Chesapeake Bay. Much of the state of Delaware is located on the Atlantic Ocean coastline. The state of Delaware has an area of ​​45 km² along this coastline. The northern border of the state is located on the outskirts of the area known as the Piedmont plateau. The Delaware river and the Christine river are important rivers in the state. Delaware's largest cities are Wilmington, Newark and the capital city of Dover. State population is around 670,000. Delaware state has the distinction of being the 'First State' because it adopted the US constitution before other states in 1787. The spacesuit of American astronauts going to the moon was made in Delaware. Nylon is made in this state. Howard Pyle (writer, illustrator), Thomas Coleman du Pont (industrialist, philanthropist, politician), Judge Rheinhold (film actor), Valerie Bertinelli (film actor), Upton Sinclair (writer, social reformer) are some of the famous names raised by the state of Delaware.