One of the most followed among Bulgarian traditions is to wear and share Martenitsa. Martenitsas are woolen knits made of white and red threads in March and worn on the wrist or attached to clothing. Martenitsas stay on the person throughout the month and are tied to a blooming branch of a tree at the end of the month. The white thread of the Martenitsa represents peace, and the red thread represents the cycle of life. I think it's a very nice tradition.

Forget all you know about saying yes and no and do the opposite in Bulgaria. You can be misunderstood if you do anything here except nod your head left and right for yes and nod up and down for no. Rumor has it that their swapping of body language signs for yes and no originated in a protest by Orthodox Bulgarians when they were asked to renounce their religion under Ottoman rule.

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