Creativity is not something that is possible without hard work, no matter how genius-level you are, you will not get anything without a long effort. You only brag about your intelligence and genius. For this reason, it seems insulting to me to say that artists who have this disease have become artists because of this disease. There may be a connection between this disease and creativity to a certain extent, but it is clear that this alone will not lead to anything. Otherwise, all bipolar patients would be an artist, a genius, etc.

Please ask yourself these questions before you question the relationship between bipolarity and creativity: 1. what is creativity, what is the unit of measure, how does it compare? 2. While the bipolar person continues his life normally, when this disorder occurs, can the creativity in him also emerge? 3. writers, painters, musicians, etc. Can we expect them to be creative every day of God? Of course, can't there be periods when they are also very willing to produce or when they don't want to do anything? Doesn't this happen to everyone? So, can these symptoms be confused with bipolar symptoms in some artists?

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