It is a naval battle that took place off Sarıç Cape during the First World War. The Russian Black Sea Fleet, which sailed on 15 November 1914, bombed Trabzon on 17 November. After the Russian attack, the Ottoman battle cruiser Yavuz Sultan Selim under the command of Admiral Souchon and the light cruiser Lesbos set out from Istanbul to meet the Russians. Receiving the news that Souchon left Istanbul, Russian admiral Andrei Eberhardt began preparing for the conflict. Two Ottoman ships under the command of German Admiral Wilhelm Souchon on 18 November, Yevstafi under the command of Admiral Andrei Eberhardt returning from the Trabzon bombardment, and Ioann Zlatoust, Panteleimon, Tri Sviatitelia, Rostislav battleships; three cruisers; He encountered the Russian fleet of seven destroyers and six torpedo boats, 17 nautical miles (31 km; 20 miles) off Saric Cape in Crimea. As a result of the main battle, which lasted fourteen minutes, slight damage was caused to one ship on each side; While there were 34 dead and 24 injured in the crew of Yevstafi, which was hit in the Russian fleet, 13 sailors from the Yavuz crew were killed and three sailors were injured. Souchon ceased the conflict and parted, while the Russian force failed to pursue the Ottoman ships. The Battle of Saric Cape was the first clash between battleships in World War I.