Aphra Behn (14 December 1640 - 16 April 1689), English playwright, poet, translator. She is Britain's first professional and only female playwright in twenty years. She has written 18 plays that have been staged many times. She is one of the authors of the Restoration comedy, in which female characters began to be written with the introduction of female actors in the theater. In the texts he wrote, he analyzed women's sexuality and revealed that women have sexual desires and were subjected to criticism and attacks. In addition to being a playwright, she is also known for her innovations in novel form. "All women must unite and lay flowers on Aphra Behn's tomb, for it is she who gives women the right to say what they believe," said Virginia Woolf in A Room of Her own. he said. With such aspects, George Ballard, who only includes "faithful wives" and people whom he does not see "problematic parts" in their lives, did not include Behn in his work Memoirs of Several Ladies of Great Britain.