On an island off the coast of Ireland, guests gather to celebrate the two people who united their lives. The Groom: Handsome and charming, a rising TV star. Bride: Smart and ambitious, owner of a women's magazine. Whatever is expected from glamorous weddings pays off: Designer clothes, a glorious wedding venue that is hard to reach, luxury party gifts, boutique whiskeys ... Of course, you may not have your mobile phone, you may have to struggle with the waves exceeding your height to reach the island, but every detail is expertly planned. Participating in a wedding is a matter of life and death for many ... Of course, perfection only happens in plans, and what you call human is human. As the champagne bursts and the fun begins, anger and petty jealousy begin to seep into every ounce of memories and good wishes. Groomsmen engage in a drinking game from their school days. The bridesmaid ruins her dress in a way that is no coincidence. The bride's oldest (male) friend raises a toast with an uncomfortably affectionate speech. And then the shadow of death falls on this important day of the happy couple. Who is the dead? Who's the killer? Perhaps more importantly, what's the reason?

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